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TEXIN LTD gets on the Chinese Wine Market
Hong Kong ferry crash off Lamma Island kills 36
Alibaba closes buyback deal with Yahoo
China steps up efforts to protect Diaoyu Islands
Shenzhen Development Bank now Ping An Bank
8 badminton players disqualified from London Olympics
Yi Siling Of China Wins 1st London Olympics Gold Medal
Schemer | Google launches new social networking platform to post your scheems
US manufacturer plans to export SPAM to China
Back from Mars simulation program
Facebook bug revealed Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Photos
Famous American Expat in Shenzhen dies in his apartment in China
US exports chopsticks to China | Find out how a Korean entrepreneur in the Georgia, USA made it
China hopes to broaden halal food exports
China will develop weather satelite
Big fire in Kowloon District, Hong Kong kills 9 and injures 30
WeiXin - New social network application for iphones and androids launched in China
Chinese newspaper says eating mucus is good for your immune system
Bakery in Dongguan - China sells products in the shape of human organs and hands
Rice on the menu at KFC in China
100 WWII-era artillery shells found in NE China
China opened the doors of it’s First Robot Store in Wuhan and thus the start of the Robotics Era in China
Electric buses already in use in China, Shenzhen
Wen Jia Bao meets Obama in Indonesia
Brave Chinese mother donates parts of skin to her child, without anesthetics
Honda reveils human like robot
Funny Chinese Kid on the internet
First live bonsai tree plants import from China to a East European Country
KFC knockout store opened in China, with President Obama’s Face as the logo.
China and Vietnam pledge to properly settle maritime issues
Merchandisers maliciously attack China’s largest B2C platform
China - Moldova prime ministers meeting
10th International Motorcycle Trade Show opened in South West China
2 year old girl smoking and drinking coffee in Romania
Wallmart stores penalized by China’s ChongQing Province local government
Nobody outside of China knows, but Electric Taxis are running on the streets in Shenzhen, China
Chinese consumers squeezed by rising prices
Group wedding in China
U.S. Senate passes controversial currency bill amid China’s strong opposition
Death of 13 Chinese Sailors shocks Chinese Media
Luggage X-Ray scanners rise councerns in Shenzhen
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