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About us

Order Chinese Products Online
- China Factory Price at One Click away
- Order Chinese Products Online

Import from China – One stop Service
1. Pre-order arrangements
- Supplier Identification
- Supplier Verification
- Negotiation
- Purchasing & Payment

2. During production
- Order follow-up
- Early production inspection
- Shipping costs estimates

3. After production
- Quality Control and Inspection
- Loading / Transport monitoring
- China dispute resolution
- Full Quality Control and Defect sorting

4. Pre-shipment
- Warehousing
- Shipment consolidation
- Container loading
- Cargo packing

Other Services:
Representative services
- Objectives Representation
- Virtual Office

Marketing Services
- Merchandise Labeling & Customization
- Website Design
- Advertising
- Marketing Consulting

Translation and Assistance in China

- Interpreting and assistance services
- Airplane & Hotel reservation
- China Business Consultation Services
- China Financial Consultation Services

How to export to China | Sell to China

- Buyer search
- Intermediation

Ocean Cargo Shipping (LCL) / Combined (Mixed Container Shipping)
Air Cargo
Express shipping service
Containerised Ocean Shipping
Customs clearance
Local / inland logistics
Standard Container Types for Ocean Shipping
International Trade Delivery Terms


Chinese Products E-Catalogue™

China Forums

Contact us
- I have designed my own product and I want to find a factory to manufacture for me
- I want to source wholesale quantities of products from China to resell and I want to see price sheets and specifications
- I want to buy small quantities of goods from China for my personal use, like furniture, construction materials, electronics, etc.
- I have my own suppliers, I need Quality Control
- I want to begin working with a supplier, but I need a Supplier Audit and Verification to verify if the supplier exists, if it is safe to begin working the supplier and if it has the ability to supply the products that I want

- I want to ship containers from China
- I want to ship smaller quantities of cargo by ocean (LCL - Less than container load)
- I want to ship larger quantities of cargo by air (min 100 Kgs)
- I want to ship smaller quantities of merchandise by Express
- I want to buy from several different suppliers and I need someone to get all of my merchandise from all of the suppliers and ship it in a single shipment (Shipment Consolidation)
- I need assistance clearing customs in China
- I have got scammed by a Chinese Supplier and I need help! (China dispute resolution)
- I have a conflict with a Chinese Supplier and I need someone to negotiate for me (China dispute resolution)
- I need someone to negotiate a contract with a Chinese partner for me (Negotiation)

- I am a supplier, I want to find Chinese buyers for my products (Sell to China)
- I am going to China and I need a Translator or Airport pick-up, Hotel Booking, Air plane ticket booking or other assistance services
- I need some Marketing Help
- I need a website
- I want to start doing business in China and I need Professional Consultation
- I want to contact TEXIN LIMITED for a different matter
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