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Supplier Identification

Dealing with Chinese suppliers is a bit more time consuming and complicated than it might first seem. Negotiations might be a bit complicated especially for an overseas company.

Many times you might encounter these difficulties when trying to contact a Chinese Factory:

  1. language barriers;
  2. communication problems;
  3. culture differences;
  4. slow price quotations;
  5. no transparency;
  6. supplier changing terms as they please;
  7. slow communication;
  8. receiving incomplete and not easy to understand quotations;
  9. slow answers to your questions;
  10. suppliers are difficult to reach by different contact methods

Many times the suppliers you find on the internet might not actually be a real factory. You might be surprised that the supplier you have been corresponding for weeks might actually be a person or more sitting in an office and operating as a trading company or maybe just middle men.

In many cases the factories might not even have manufactured the products they are displaying on their website, and just claim they are manufacturing some products just to get an order. Many times they will promise anything to you, just to get your deposit to get an order started, and they think about the technical issues only after getting the order started.

Why is the business mentality like this in China? Because Chinese Suppliers know the fact that only 5 percent of the customers will actually come to China to check their supplier before placing an order.

TEXIN has a multi-national team of experienced people, very familiar with the Chinese business mentality and environment that can speak the language and can find real and reliable factories and manufacturers, and get correct and accurate prices for you in real time.

We have numerous reliable sources when it comes to finding a factory for any kind of product you might want to source or manufacture in China. Knowing the language and the environment guarantees that we can find real and reliable suppliers for any product.
The internet is full of suspicious and non trustworthy suppliers. We study, research the market and search for suppliers and manufacturers so you can safely import from China.

Sources we usually find suppliers from are reliable and are not really accessible for companies outside of China. We find Chinese suppliers from:

  1. contact information databases we have built from visiting trade shows and exhibitions over the years;
  2. Chinese government economic publications and databases;
  3. Chinese government organized trading events;
  4. Chinese Territorial Chamber of Commerce;
  5. Different relationships;
  6. In other cases we also carefully select suppliers from different international and Chinese trading on-line databases;
  7. Or many times we might have already exported and dealt with companies manufacturing the products you are looking for.

You can always rely on TEXIN to find a real and reliable supplier and get real factory direct prices and quotations with full specifications. We always provide our clients with as many options as possible, so they can make the right decision. Full and clear quotations with clear pictures, specifications and accurate prices are always sent to the client so all the details can be clear up-front.

You can relax and think about your distribution plan for the products you want to import, and let our professionals find the right suppliers for you. You don’t need to get on a plane, deal with the culture and language barriers in China and have endless negotiations with stubborn Chinese suppliers. We can guarantee you safety, quality and reliability!

Not only we search the most trustworthy sources, but supplier reliability can also always be checked and guaranteed. Having offices in China we can always audit and verify suppliers. Please see our Supplier Verification section for more info on this service.

Request supplier identification services now
Please select the case you are in:
- I have designed my own product and I want to find a factory to manufacture for me
- I want to source wholesale quantities of products from China to resell and I want to see price sheets and specifications
- I want to buy small quantities of goods from China for my personal use, like furniture, construction materials, electronics, etc.
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