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Order Chinese Products Online
China Factory Price at One Click away
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Order Chinese Products Online
Order Chinese Products Online
Chinese Products E-Catalogue™

How convenient would it be to eliminate the bargaining and chit chat with suppliers when ordering a product from China? On our platform, you can order products from China just like shopping online.
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China Factory Price at One Click away

The main reasons why many overseas companies hesitate to engage in business relations with Chinese companies and source from China are:

  1. the huge distance;
  2. communication and language barriers;
  3. and the difficulty of obtaining answers and accurate prices fast.

We come to simplify things, break all the language barriers, and make sourcing form China easy and safe for anyone. We are exporting from China for years, and have sourced hundreds of different of types of products over the years for different companies around the world. We are proud to say that we have had the opportunity to work with most of the major factories manufacturing the most common products exporting from China at least once.

So how can we provide prices at the speed of a click?
Sourcing all these products for all these companies over the years, we have built up a huge database of suppliers in China. We have different suppliers and factories for most of the common goods exported from China.

Having relationships with all of these factories we have decided to build up an on-line catalogue with products and prices from all the suppliers we know. We call this catalogue of products the Chinese Products e-Catalogue, and anyone who registers on our website can see prices and order products from China with only a few clicks of the mouse.
You don’t even have to leave your office or get on an airplane to China! The catalogue is easy to browse, all products are classified in different categories or the database can be easily searched for every product you want. You can find all sorts of products in our e-Catalogue from for example garments, toys and house ware to furniture, construction materials, electronics or automotive products.

Up to date prices
All our suppliers send us updated prices for products we display in our e-Catalogue every month, and frequently update us about their newest products.

Factory direct prices
All of the prices are factory direct prices. Our company is not a brokering or trading company, and we never add profit to the prices displayed in our Chinese Products e-Catalogue. TEXIN LIMITED only charges handling fees for the services provided.

Order Chinese Products Online

Not only that with our Chinese Products e-Catalogue you can be up-to-date with all the newest prices and products from China, but you can also order the products you want on-line, with a few clicks of the mouse. You do not even have to leave your office, get on a plane to China and handle culture and language barriers in endless negotiations with Chinese suppliers.
As soon as you confirm your order all you have to do is wait, and the commodities will arrive at your door or will be available for pickup from your nearest customs warehouse.

Minimum order quantity – not a problem
Using our Chinese Products e-Catalogue there are no limits! No limits on how much or how less you can order! We want to make sourcing from China easy for any company, regardless if it’s big or small.
We do not obligate you to order a full container of a single product! We have convinced our factories that even our smallest clients can grow into huge clients if we provide options and opportunities to support their businesses.
You can order a few tens or dozens of pieces or even a full container of the same product at different price ranges, depending on the quantity you intend to order. Our e-Catalogue displays different prices based on different order quantity ranges.
Source products from China at factory direct prices with minimum effort.

You’re afraid the product you will get will not match what you see on our e-Catalogue?
We understand. This is why we get all of the specifications about a product from the factory and post clear detailed pictures of the product, when we add it to our catalogue. In many cases this might not be enough, and you might want to confirm that the product really is like you expect it to be. We understand, and we know that holding the actual product in your hand is more than any detailed description and pictures might ever provide.
Order a sample! - This is why we offer our clients the liberty to order a sample of any product displayed on our website, before ordering. Feel the product, inspect it, test it
This way you can confirm all the details you want about the product, before you start ordering large quantities of the same product.

You are looking for a more special type of product and can not find it in our e-Catalogue?
We have included the majority of products exported from China to different overseas markets. However we are living in an Universe with endless possibilities, and you might be looking for something not really that common or more special. Maybe your field of activity is more professional or restrained. We can always find Chinese Suppliers that manufacture or can manufacture the products you need and that meet your requirements.
Please see our Supplier Identification section for more info on this service.

Logistics & shipping questions?
You are worried how the goods will get to you? We also provide delivery, anywhere in the world, through our complex network of freight forwarders, shipping companies, cargo operators and shipping conglomerates.
Freight costs are automatically calculated for you as you order on our website.

It does not matter if you just want to order a few cartons of merchandise, or a dozen more, or a full container. We provide logistics solutions and different shipping methods for everyone’s needs. Our logistics team consolidates or arranges shipments so they can get to you fast, safe and cheap!

Different shipping methods are available for your choice: express shipping, ocean cargo shipping, air cargo shipping, ocean container shipping and many others. It does not matter if you are a logistics expert or not. We can deliver to your nearest customs warehouse if you are familiar with customs clearance formalities, or for a little extra we can deliver directly to your door.

Even dough the distance is huge; you will be constantly up-dated regarding your shipment, so you can always know the status and where cargo is at. Do not have time to read your e-mails and want to quickly know where your shipment status? We also have developed an on-line track-and-trace system so you can always request information regarding your cargo.

You want to order more different types of products in one order?
Our logistics department is always available to consolidate shipments with products from as many different factories you might need. We have a warehouse where your commodities can get delivered and consolidated for customs clearance and export out of China. For more information please see our Warehousing section..

Order Chinese Products Online
Chinese Products E-Catalogue™

How convenient would it be to eliminate the bargaining and chit chat with suppliers when ordering a product from China? On our platform, you can order products from China just like shopping online.
Go and see Chinese Products now
  Products you can import from China (Chinese Products E-Cattalogue)
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5 inch GPS 8gb memory
Screen Size: 5” TFT 800 x 480 px

CPU: 533MHz

OS: WinCE 6.0

Memory: 128mb RAM, 8 g...

Product code: 1215
Auto Accessories
GPS, MP3, Sat Nav, 8gb
Min. Order Qty
1 pcs
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
Alcohol Tester
Unit N.W/Size:37.4g/100x37x17mm
Features:1. Digital display without backlight.
2. Range: 0.00-0.19% BAC & 0.0-...

Product code: 1096
Alcohol Tester,Breath Tester,tester
Min. Order Qty
5,000 pcs
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
Terry with loops on both fabric sides, 100%cotton, 450gsm
European size...

Product code: 196
Bathrobes,Terry robe
Min. Order Qty
3,000 pcs
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
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