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Objectives Representation

No matter if you are having suppliers in China that you need someone to keep in touch with or you have several clients in China and you need an on site sales representative we can always help you out.

You don’t need to be on the phone with China non stop… Neither need you know the language or understand the culture. Add the time differences on top of that and the advantages of working with China seem smaller and smaller. Think about the extra costs for your business if you sometimes need a person to be on site and negotiate face to face with your Chinese business partners.

Time is money, so to work professionally and save time and money, and be efficient you need someone that is always available on-site and able to coordinate all of your China operations.

TEXIN has a professional business team that you can always rely on. No matter if you just need someone to negotiate for you in China, or you are already conducting your own operations in China but can not always be physically here and need an office address / fax and secretarial services locally in China we are the best option you can have.

We can help you in the following cases:
- if you have suppliers in China and you need someone to always keep track of your orders and operations in China;
- if you have clients in China and you need someone to always keep in touch with your clients and maintain relations;
- if you need someone to keep in touch with your business partners and negotiate or represent your company’s interests;
- if you only need an postal address so your business contacts in China can deliver samples / documents, a fax or telephone where your business partners can leave you messages locally, in their own language;
- if you need to have on-line meetings with your business partners, and you need a translator to interpret in your own language so there are no misunderstandings;

We are always prompt and fast. We offer all sorts of solutions so you can coordinate all of your operations in China easy, even when you are not physically in China.

Easy to get in touch with
We are always available either on e-mail, chat, phone or other contact methods.

No language barriers
We have a multinational team with people from various countries. We might just speak your own language. Depending on what region you are from, you will be assigned an account manager that can speak your language.

We always follow e-mails
You don’t need to always make long distance calls to China for each and every little thing. We can be your representative office in China and you can send all of your instructions to us by e-mail, and we will apply them for you. You will always know we received your information, as our team will always send you an e-mail to confirm we understood your instructions.

Time zone problem free
If nighttime in your time zone is daytime in China you don’t need to mix up your daily schedule. You can always drop us an e-mail and we will see it right away the following morning. We will start applying your instructions as soon as we receive them.

Save money on phone calls
We help you lower your phone bill. You don’t need to call us. We’ll call you. Whenever anything requires a phone call we will call you directly. Should you always need to urgently get in touch with us, it’s enough to just drop us an e-mail. We will call you right away.

Don’t need to set up a China office
Many times a China representative office or branch of your company might be good to have. Costs of opening an office by your self in China might be too high for the complexity of things that need to be done.
Many times you might ask your suppliers to send you brochures, samples and other type of information. You might be having several different suppliers and would like to gather all of the samples in one place, than receive them in your country.
You might a local phone and fax number so your business partners in China can easily contact you.

We can provide your China Virtual Office so that you can have your office in China but not physically be in China. We already provide high quality secretarial services for many companies and corporations.

We can provide an office address where your business partners can have correspondence with you. Letters and documents and all packages you get will be handled by your instructions. They can be opened, scanned and sent to you by e-mail, or they can either be kept till you require us to ship them to your address. You will always be alerted by e-mail when you receive mail and we will always act upon your instructions.

You can make your business partners feel that you are always close to them. We can provide you a phone number where your partners can always leave you messages in their own language, and we will translate and transmit them to you immediately.

Having your own China fax number makes your partners more cooperative when it coms to sending more detailed and complete information by fax. Thus we can also provide a fax number where you can be reached by fax in China. We will e-mail all of the faxes we receive addressed to your name / company so you can quickly act.

No plane tickets and translator problems
You can not get on a plane and come to China for each little thing. But some things might require meetings with your Chinese business partners. We can solve two of your problems in one shot!
We can provide you a person to represent you in front of your partners, and translate for you in a live video conference over the internet. We’ll provide your translator that will set up a meeting with your partners, and video broadcast the meeting through a laptop over the internet.
This way you can see your partners and you can have your own translator that will interpret for you. We have professional translators, and a multi national team of experienced people coming from several countries. Thus language should not be a problem, considering that we might just have someone in our team that speaks your language.
You can have your important meeting with your partners, without even leaving your office!

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