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Ocean LCL Cargo Shipping -

Less than container load / combined / mixed container shipping
When sourcing from China, one of the largest problems is the long distance. We understand that your needs are fast, and that you can not always order a full container of merchandise from China.
We consolidate cargo from different clients that require their goods shipped to the same geographic location, load it and ship it in a full container.
Through our complex network of shipping companies and shipping agents, we are able to split cargo and finally deliver cargo directly to client’s door.Per example we have a number of customers in different cities in California or other states that need a few cubic meters of merchandise from China.
We pick up the merchandise of each of our particular client and store it in our warehouse, mark and barcode it so that the goods of each client can be told apart. We consolidate the merchandise that belongs to all of the clients, load all of it in a container and ship it by ocean to Los Angeles Port.
Container gets to Los Angeles Port, after which it will be unloaded in the U.S. customs warehouse. Our shipping agent in Los Angeles Port splits up the all the cargo in the container, and contacts all of the clients regarding their shipment.

Door to Door Delivery: Local charges, customs clearance and customs duty in the US can be prepaid in advance directly to our company. In this case our shipping agent will deliver the merchandise directly to your address. You won’t need to worry about anything, the truck will just arrive at your door and you’ll just need to sign that you received cargo.

Port to Port Delivery:
In case you have your own customs broker that you worked with for a long time, and prefer to organize customs clearance and trucking to your warehouse by yourself, you can pre-pay freight just to the port nearest to you, and your customs broker can pick up from port.

Client always comes first so we always provide the best service for our clients. Our years of exporting from China have made us good connections and enable us to offer on time and professional delivery to any place in the world.
We can ship anywhere in the US, Europe, Asia, South America, Russia, Africa, South Africa and so on...TEXIN is already shipping to clients from 59 different countries and growing. Need to ship something from China?

Inquire for a quotation now!
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