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Only in China...

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If you’re planning a trip to China, you’re probably in the middle of your research about this fascinating country. But there are some things that you won’t have read about and some things that my friends and I have termed “Only In China”, I want to share with you some of my experiences.

Taking a trip to the mall is one of those things that we all do in our daily life and is usually without issues unless you have been to a mall in China. The first thing you notice is some odd items on sale, in one mall I visited there was some “Turtle Tonic” this was a large turtle in tonic encased in a large glass, in case you were thinking of purchasing it when you visit please bring with you $18,000 (yes, eighteen thousand AMERICAN dollars). This is not so common, but being able to buy a live alligator in Walmart is common.

More frequently you will be faced with toddlers with a big gap cut out of their trousers this is for easy access if they need to pee or poo. There are nappies/diapers available, but they are not commonplace, instead be prepared to see a parent/grandparent diligently holding their child over a waste bin in the middle of the shopping mall whilst the child casually does it’s business.

Before you book your ticket to China make sure you hit the gym and get busy doing some squats, you’re gonna need that energy in your legs for when you visit the toilet. Whilst many apartments and 99% of hotels do have a western toilet, if the call of nature begins hollering when you’re out and about you are not going to be as lucky, in some supermarkets you are sure to find a western toilet and then quickly rediscover that it’s being used as the janitors closet, if you manage to find a western toilet that is available check to see if there are footprints on the toilet seat, many Chinese haven’t learnt how to use a western toilet properly yet.

When you have finally bought your ticket and got off the plane, be prepared to be treated with lot’s of respect but also you might find yourself being treated by a zoo animal by some locals who seem to never have seen a foreigner before, calls of lao wai, wai guo ren and mei guo ren, even though the last one means American and maybe you’re not are expected to be heard. Surprisingly this happens not from the elder generations, but more from the middle-aged.

The most awakening time happened for me when I took the bus one time, I was standing on a crowded bus and an elderly gentleman stood up and offered me his seat, I initially refused but having been inducted into the 3 insistences culture I reluctantly took the seat assuming that his stop was coming up. Instead the bus went on for 4 more stops before he got off. This was embarrassing but also heartwarming to know that whilst there are many things that will throw you off balance, there is a sense of respect.

If you see anything that I have mentioned or worse then try and embrace it by saying with a big smile “Only In China”. I think it would be pretty boring if we stepped of the plane to find everything the same as back home, don’t you agree?

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