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Wood pellets - Making and manufacturing in China

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China's a big country, still the world's largest manufacturer and exporter and the demand and production of biomass pellets and alternate fuel is very well developed over here too. As lots and lots of furniture is manufactured over here and exported all over the world lots and lots of sawdust and other wood waste is processed into biomass fuel which is becoming more and more popular and widespread around Europe.

Since Europe's production capabilities are limited, a lot of the biomass and wood pellets manufactured over here are also exported. As long there's a demand, China is willing to supply. If you're in the pellet trading business and want to source from China there are a couple of things you need to be weary of.

From personal experience, Europe's pellet manufacturing processes are very rudimentary and small scale. Most small farms and enterprises use small mills and presses to process the little waste that they get from their operations, and are happy to get rid of it for a small little price.

That's all great, but when you are sourcing from China you need to understand that wood pellet and biomass pellet for burning goes on a much different, grander scale. Before comparing prices, you have to also look at production capacities. For instance, a small little enterprise processing whatever waste they get from their other manufacturing activities with a couple of small pellet mills and presses could never supply an electrical power plant or central heating furnaces.

With all the sawdust waste they get in China from furniture manufacturing and wood processing they have plenty of raw material to produce high quantities of pellets, and to achieve that they use huge production lines and machines that can make up to several hundred tons a day. Electricity, water and processing costs are of course higher than using a couple of small machines, but quantities can be delivered fast and in time.

Be sure you always get samples before you place an order. Negotiating is always necessary in China, but whenever you try to bargain too much and get the price as down as you can, you might not get what you're expecting. Your suppliers might agree to your price, but they always find ways to cut corners, and that's not valid only for wood pellets but any product.

For instance, try to bargain for a price too small, and you might get sand mixed in your pellets. This is why you always need to have QC on sight, and always make sure your quality control sends samples to a corresponding lab for analysis.

TEXIN LTD offers Quality Control Services, and our team has lots of experience with biomass pellet manufacturing and trading. We are a western run business in China that knows about quality and guarantee quality.

The wood pellets we are selling on our website, are from accredited suppliers we have worked with for a long time and have a long relationship with. We have taught them how to manufacture and keep quality.

In case you want to start supplying wood pellets or pellet manufacturing equipment from China, you will find that we are a good partner you should have!

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