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How to learn Chinese | Why learn Chinese

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Everybody says that Chinese is the most complicated language there is...

True, considering that almost all languages in the western world are Latin based, and there are no similarities... But here is how I have learned the language:

1. Live in China - whatever you do, no matter how hard you will take courses in your country, nothing is compared with living in China. I never took any courses, and I know some people that didn’t either and speak standard Chinese.
2. Chat with Chinese People in Chinese - Even if you can not live in China, I’m sure you can find a Chinatown nearby or you can make some Chinese friends in your neighborhood. Most of the expats that live in China have learned their Chinese from taxi drivers and waitresses. You need to keep on speaking the language, and keep practicing.
3. Watch Chinese television - even if you don’t understand much, just leave the TV on a Chinese Channel, even if you are doing something else. Your subconscious will automatically remember the words, and when you hear them in context you will start figuring out what they mean.
4. Find web sites on learning chinese online, or buy CDs or DVD’s to help you out.

And than again most importantly is keep practicing with Chinese people.

Why learn Chinese?
Learning how to speak Chinese would get you good advantages after you reach a fluent level. Most of the industries have a connection with China now days one way or another. And the thing is most of the Chinese people can not speak good English.
For one thing, after you get to a fluent level you would have one huge advantage in front of other candidates when looking for a job. If you even know other languages that you can add to your CV than you are a really valuable person.

Than again, if you are not the type that’s looking for a job, and you do your own business you might be surprised how many opportunities there are in China. Not needing to have a translator all the time will make you more likely to succeed.

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