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What are Export Quotas?

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An export quota is a limit set by the government of a certain country on exporting a certain kind of product for a certain period of time. For example, a company could only export a certain amount of a certain product in a year. Usually this is done to prevent exportation on foreign markets of a certain kind of material or product that is strategic for the country’s needs or trading goals.

For obtaining a quota, the exporting company has to apply with the according trading and industry departments in the country, in order to be able to export. Than the company can only export a limited quantity of that certain product, in a certain product of time (usually a year).

For instance China has quotas on certain food products, to prevent export to foreign markets by suppliers that get export orders, and the possibility of local suppliers to turn to importing if local production can not meet the demands of the country’s needs. Not to mention the quotas on metal and or ores for strategic reasons...

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