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Wine to China | How to export wine to China

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As the Chinese economy reached a point where more and more people have more money to spend, they have developed a taste for the finer things in life. They know that whatever is western is high quality, and they have a higher and higher demand for it. One of the fine things they enjoy is Wine, and not local, but of course imported. Chinese people that live a middle life will never look at the local wine, and the poorer part of the population would never drink even local wine anyway.

One of the advantages of the wine exports to China is that local wine is bitter and has a bad taste. The Chinese know that an imported wine is of good quality. Now don't get me wrong, but as an European I can see that the wines that are imported here are really cheap and considered not that good in Europe, but here they love them. The wine importers and wine distributors in China are looking to source really cheap (if possibly for free) and want to make exageratley high profits. And they are, because the wines over here, even though considered cheap where I'm from, sell for big money in China.

Chinese don't really have such a broad understanding of wine culture. For them whatever is French, Spanish, Italian or any other imported wine is good. Drinking wine is more of a symbol status in China. They always try to look classy when drinking wine, and by which I mean drinking from a huge round wine glass, only a little bit, using decanters even though the wine is not really that old, and even thermometers and talking about how much they understand wine culture because they went to Europe. In otherwords overdoing it.

But that's allright, as long as the China Wine Market and the Wine export to China is growing. A lot of European, Australian, and American Wine is exported here in big quantities, and sold for high prices.

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