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WeiXin - New social network application for iphones and androids launched in China

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Somebody said to me once, whatever the Chinese copy, they are going to block it in China. Take for instance Google (local: Baidu), Facebook (local: Xiaonei), Twitter (local: Weibo). It is a point, but I think the reason is that they can’t have control over the content, and as it is stated "it is a danger to national security". And I believe them. If you don’t live in China, you can’t understand it.

You never want people with bad intentions to influence the masses and burst into something else. China’s populations is if not the largest, than one of the largest in the world.

But this time, one of China’s big internet companies, Tencent has launched a new social networking application for mobile users. It’s named Weixin and it automatically puts you in touch with people that are near by. You can search for nearby people, and it will show you everybody that has their Wei Xin application open from within 100 meters to 1000 meters.

You can pick somebody nearby and chat with them by text, just like a regular internet chat, or you can voice chat. The voice chat works a little bit like a walkie-talkie, you press a button on the screen, speak, and when done speaking you release. Then the voice message gets to the other person.

When engaging in chat with somebody that’s not on your contact list, they can either accept or decline. You can also add friends that are in your phone book. It searches if they have used their phone number to register on this application, and of course you can also search people from QQ Messenger, which is made by the same company.

Some other features include the drift bottle and shake features. With drift bottle you can send away a text or a voice message with whatever you want, like "i’m bored, wanna talk?" and people that "pick bottles" will be able to see your message. When you select "Pick" you will get a random message from somebody, somewhere. We have tried it, and sometimes you even get people singing...

The shake feature is another random friend finder option. You shake your phone, and you will get a random person that shakes their phone in the same time.

Now, we think that this application is finally something original that nobody ever did before, although some people are saying it’s similar to Four Square, although we didn’t find any similarities. Four Square is used to check in to places, while this is a social network where you can meet people. Might be the first revolutionary application launched by Tencent.

On wikipedia it is stated about Tencent:
Many of Tencent’s software and services are remarkably similar to those of competitors. The founder and chairman, Huateng "Pony Ma" Ma, has famously said, "[To] copy is not evil." Competitors are quick to denigrate. A former CEO and President of, Wang Zhidong, has said, "Pony Ma is a notorious king of copying." Jack Ma of Alibaba Group, has stated, "The problem in Tencent is no innovation. All things are copies."

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