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Chinese websites

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Looking at the way we do e-marketing and e-commerce and the way the Chinese do it, we are realizing that we do have something to learn from them. The Chinese internetics are pretty advanced from what people in the western world think.

Sure, they might not have access to some of the social networking websites that have monopolized the western world. I might say that they enjoy more features than we are on our corporate monopolized web. There are websites that replace and are even better than the industry standards we are used to in the west. And the resources and operation method is even more orientated to be convenient for the local market.

Who says they don’t have social networking? Their version of Facebook is and there are more chances for you to find somebody that went to the same school with you than on a global site that’s totally not in your language and where the local population has no idea about how to use.

Twitter? Well, seriously I never even got the purpose of Twitter. Too many people, talking about nothing. You get 20 different people adding you everyday and all they post is links to whatever they are advertising. Sina’s Weibo is way more ahead than Twitter. It’s more like a Facebook and a Twitter in the same time. People are talking about what really concerns them and their everyday life. If not abused, it could also be a good marketing tool. The thing is, the content is automatically moderated by the system and by human operators as well. Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say, but it gives more value to the network. You won’t go on reading only links and advertising on Weibo, you are going to see actual content. I think that’s the problem with Twitter, that nobody moderates it. As opposed to Facebook, which is actually moderated to prevent copyright information or offending information being passed.

E-bay is nothing compared to or
Products come from inside the country, you have LOCAL PAYMENT METHODS, and to be honest with you I think more advanced features than E-bay. It’s an e-commerce site that’s up with the beat, not an e-commerce site that still looks like it’s from the very starting of the internet.

They have everything they need in place, and the percentage of new netizens in China is growing as we speak...

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