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Traveling on intercity busses in China

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When it comes to traveling from a city to another, the Chinese got it made. And I’m not just talking about the well developed highway network, I’m talking about the public transportation.

What I really appreciate over here is the intercity coach service. If you just want to go to a town that’s just 60km away, or another city maybe 200 or 400 km away you are bound to find a bus everytime.

There usually are busses every 15 minutes to near locations, or 30 minutes to further but not so far places. The most you could wait is 45 minutes.

This is what I love about their transportation system. You don’t have to check for a schedule. What I do is just go to the bus station. And there always is a bus that leaves to where I want to go right away, or after 15 - 20 minutes wait.

It is true that remote coach stations have buses leaving on a longer interval like 1 hour or 1 hour and a half to some locations. But then again, I always go to the central bus station even if it means an extra 20 RMB taxi fare.

One time I took a bus from Shenzhen to Shantou which is more than a 450 km ride and back in the same day. I left with the first bus in the morning at 8.30 am and left with the last one from Shantou at 8.30 pm.

It takes a four hour ride, so I got back in Shenzhen at 12.30 am.

It just happened that I needed to go to a factory, pick up some samples and get them ready to be sent to the lab the next morning. So I put the public transportation system to the test. And of course it worked and I got my samples to the lab on time the next day.

It is just so amazing how a country that probably many back home in Europe look down on, actually has an even more developed transportation system than we do.

Instead of driving these long distances unless I have to, I always prefer relying on the bus network that runs from corner to corner of the country.

Don't forget that before Chinese New Year, the biggest human migration happens in China, when all migrant workers or all that work in another place than their homeland, have to go back home and spend New Year with their family as tradition demands.

So if their transportation system can handle that, it can surly handle my needs from getting from a city to another without too much hassle.


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