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What do we export to China and how to export to China?

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Good question. Manufacturers and suppliers overseas are thinking more seriously about selling to China. Since the RMB is growing so much, and the US Dollar or Euro are depreciating, it would be a good idea to look towards getting in the Chinese Market.

But how to start trading in China and selling to Chinese importers when everything is basically made here? And what do the Chinese consumers need?

There are brands and companies already importing to China. Many companies in Europe, the US and other parts of the world have already started wine exports to china, food, beverage, milk and even raw material exports to China in the past years.

Only big brands have done it so far. The Chinese economy has grown, and consumers have started to raise their expectations look for more special and unique products. Right now you can find imported beer or wine in Chinese supermarkets.

Raw materials are also in need over here. The recycling business is bringing big money to Chinese companies that do it. Like the saying: "one's garbage is somebody else's treasure", many Chinese companies buy plastic waste from scrap dealers in the US or South America, recycle them over here and turn them into plastic granules to be reused in new products again.

While nobody eats the chicken claws in the western world, in China they are a delicacy. And there are not enough chickens to satisfy the needs of such a big population, because a chicken only has 2 feet. But meat dealers are importing from wherever they can get good prices and huge quantities. Top restaurants and even supermarkets are not using Chinese beef. That's because it's too stringy because beef cattle production doesn't have the best conditions in most of China. The only good beef they have here comes from Inner Mongolia. And the rest is imported. Many restaurants advertise they are serving Australian, US or Japanese beef.

But starting to export to China might not be that easy to accomplish. First of all you need to find buyers. It's pretty hard when you don't know the language and you don't know where to find customers that might be interested in your products. That is why we came up with the possibility for overseas customers to advertise their products on our website to Chinese importers.
You can find out more about this here.

All you need to do is Open a Supplier Account on our website, and post your product descriptions. We will translate your product specifications to Chinese, and Chinese buyers interested will be able to see them.

We assume you have already exported to other countries before. If not, you can find or we can connect you with customs agents in your country that can handle all the export procedures for you. Regarding the China side we'll take care of it over here.


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