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I want to ship smaller quantities of merchandise by Express
Please provide us more details so we can know where we can start from:
We understand you need to ship smaller packages from China. Due to the large quantities of merchandise we are moving around the world everymonth, our accounts at all major Express Companies have very special rates and discounts. Please offer us more details about your packace in order to quote you a price:

Because of the large number of inquiries we are receiving, we always prioritise the clients which are registered on our website.
In case you are not a registered member, we might decline your inquiry due to the high number of inquiries we already have.
In case you are a registered user, Login to your account and fill this form to get a faster answer
In case you want a faster answer, please register for an account on our website, login, and fill in this form

Cargo details
Please provide us more details about your cargo
Number of CTNS / Boxes / Packages: * CTNS
Cargo total weight: * KGS
Cargo total volume: * CBM
Commodity type(s): *
Enter the products you want to ship separated by commas

Cargo measurments *
Please note that international aviation rules do not allow shipping cargo that is larger or wider than 100 cm (1 meter). Please make sure none of the boxes, packages does not exceed this length.
If it does we will need to make special arrangements to see if transportation is possible in your case.
No, none of my packages exceed 100cm in length
Yes, I do have packages that exceed 100cm in length

Pick-up address:
Please enter your supplier's address where package needs to be picked up from:
Company Name: *
Street Address:
City: *
Province: *
Country: China
Delivery address:
Please enter the delivery address where you want the shipment delivered:
Company Name: *
Street Address:
City: *
State / Province: *
Postal / ZIP Code: *
Country: *

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