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Each client that purchases merchandise via TEXIN.BIZ can get marketing assistance if needed.

We are always here to throw in that extra hand if you do not have your own marketing department and you need proffesional marketing assistance. We design packages, come up with promoting ideas, advertise and develop branding concepts for our clients.

No matter if you have purchased merchandise from us or not, our marketing team can always provide it's proffesional services if you need a website. Our team can develop complex web applications, on-line stores, on-line showrooms, catalogues or anything else you might need to promote your business.

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What kind of website will this be?
Websites are classified several different categories. Please select the one that is closest to what you need:
Complex on-line business platform
Company presentation (only a short presentation of services or products)
Product showroom
On-line store
Personal Website or projectv

Will you constantly need to update content on the website?
Sometimes you might constantly need to add new information, or new products to your website. Please specify if this is your case
Yes, new information needs to be constantly added to the website
No, after the website is finished nothing needs to be added

If you were to give us an example of the concept you want what would it be? *
You might have seen some websites on the internet that are close to the concept you want. Please enter one or more similar websites to help us have an idea:
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Any other information?
Please enter any of your other requirements for this website. In order to give you a correct price for the project we absolutley need a sitemap of the categories you need to put on the website:

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If you have filled in all of the information about your product and you are ready, click the button below. Please note that all of the fields marked with "*" are mandatory.
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